December 11, 2009

Billy Joel is driving me crazy!

Sing us a song, you're the piano man-Sing us a song tonight, Well, we're all in the mood for a melody and you've got us feelin' alright....

May 31, 2009

In Jaipur with Sir Elton John

I had been to Jaipur just once before in 2001. Then we had put up in modern Jaipur not the old town, this part too was somewhat crowded, jewelers all around and lovely textile stores that housed anything from saris to long traditional skirts, scarfs and bed spreads. Vibrant colors sashaying the roads, filling up the sidewalks. I had picked up some silver trinkets and cushion covers which I treasure even to this day. Beautiful stuff.

This time Jaipur was livelier and more charismatic. Well, it was Sir Elton John and I making this trip together. We were in old Jaipur. It was an experience of its own. It all started with him and I on elephant backs visiting the forts, the forts had so many stories to tell of the past. The howdah (carriage seats) rocked to and fro while the tour guide educated us with stories of the past. The Howdah was covered in beautiful and rich embellished textile meant for a king or queen. The elephant was oblivious of the enchanting colors he was adorning. I almost went back to the days of royalty while the guide jabbered along. Soon we descended to an exotic restaurant for a typical Rajasthani meal. The guide explained a lot of the food to us and I did the balance of how much ever I knew. Each entrée was delectable - we loved the fare.

Elton John was wearing a Jaipuri printed kurta and his one symbolic earring looking very cool. He was in a non-musical mood, not even humming one of my favorites. He loved every bit of his Jaipur trip and wanted to soak in more knowledge about the place. All the while I was thinking how different he was here than the Elton John of the music video’s I often watched. His skills of the piano, his effortless way of singing was a distant thing of now. He did not want to be bothered with his trade; he just wanted to enjoy Jaipur.

We asked around for a handicraft store from where we could pick up gifts and souvenirs and someone suggested ‘SAMS’. Sam’s was not in one of the crowded places. It was in a clean straight road, a small boutique housing exotic stuff in cotton only. They had scarves in all lengths, handkerchiefs, bedspreads and some modern outfits made out of ethnic fabric making them look like designer wear. Sam was a creative lady in her 50’s, charming and very accommodating to her customers. I loved the store products and the store owner. We chatted and picked up several things from this place and the prices too were so very reasonably tagged.

All the while I was wondering if we could find a karaoke bar so that I could ask Sir Elton to sing “Words in Spanish” for me, just once! Unfortunately I found none. The only part about holidaying with Elton John that was not nice. I really wanted him to sing one of my favorite EJ numbers.

We proceeded to a carpet shop now since Sir Elton John wanted to pick some up for his home, next day was his flight. He picked up something I don’t remember. It was a carpet in cream of what I remember. We both were tired by now and got back to the hotel and finally went up to our respective rooms to shut eye, he had an early morning flight to catch. All through the night I was restless. Excited at my good fate of holidaying with my favorite star and restless as I always am if anyone takes an early morning flight. It was a very light and disturbed sleep and I finally woke up and saw it was 6.05 am, was Sir EJ up to catch his flight? Where was he? I was sure in my pretty room but not in Jaipur, in my house in Bombay, was I dreaming? Yes I was – this was an end to a beautiful dream.

May 13, 2009


It has not much to do with the web definition. Romance = “A love affair. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people” – In most of the cases or in the intensity that I sense, most often it has nothing to do with just people. It is multi faceted and versatile like not many other words.

Romance is a very situational, presently and personal feeling that one feels. It can be with people, nature, animals, books, situations, smell and most often music.

The color of the word ‘Romance’ is most often pink. Since pink is the color of love and passion, Romance is easily linked. Have you ever thought of black romance? Imagine heavy rain and a dark evening, wet breeze that touches your face and passes by or ruffles your hair and disappears. Would you call that pink? Imagine green romance, walking in a open field with tall grass tickling your bare skin – romantic to the hilt. One can make music from the drops of falling rain, which is romance.

Originally the word ‘Romance’ the old French word was borrowed into English (“romaunt” or “romaunce”) and developed in several ways. Since love was an important theme in the vernacular works, the word came to mean a love-story or a love affair. Many of the old stories were also rather far-fetched, full of magic and superhuman feats of arms, and so “romance” also came to mean a tall story, and in some cases a euphemism for a lie. Hence, no one really knows why this word is a representation of love and nothing else.

Of course, the man – woman romance is equally beautiful. It may or may not be platonic but the momentary passion is present in abundance. Romance is temporary since the feeling is very intense and severe. Romance is strong, hearty, heady and enthralling. Anyone who has felt romance has felt the sweet pain of rejection or extreme fervor. Romance has been present forever. It is charming, charismatic, pure and stimulating. It is like an aroma that lingers on long after it is no more……………..

May 04, 2009

Hopes for the Indian Economy

Is it too soon to talk about India’s economy looking up?. For people who had invested a while ago is praying for it to level up from its dampening 2 years of low-lying-ness. While some are investing now taking full advantage of the depressed situation before the revival. Our Finance minister too promises of a better situation by coming October so can we really ignore all the speculations? – Rather we want to believe in them desperately.

This extended weekend ended with a positive Monday morning with the sensex up by positive numbers. Hope the positivity continues.

The Indian currency too has had a bad year. It fell to Rs 39 to $1 in January 2008 to almost Rs 50 to $1 in February 2009. The rupee needs to rebound and value up against the dollar again. We are all creatures of hope and optimism and it does pay off most of the time.

The light bulb flickering is ONLY temporary, India has been there, done that and will rise up to the good times again. The biggest risk to India in 2009 at this point may not be the global economy issue but domestic politics that needs more attention at the moment.

April 08, 2009

my evening stroll

The twittering sound of birds,
Mellow and touchy winds ~
The groups of retired friends;
Young cycle learners -
New mommies with babies (.)
Patients galore
Lovers chatting zone ~
All a part of my stroll!

00.40 am
8th April 2009

February 16, 2009

Should live in relations be legalized?

The much talked about, forbidden relationship, a ‘live-in’ relationship. The subject of the relationship is a very disapproving subject even before the people involved in it are discussed. India in 2009 is actually still waking up to live-in relationships.

It is a personal decision to live-in or not. The first thing that strikes us as the typical Indian is the close proximity of the male and the female but most often a live-in arrangement arises from a security, financial and / or a poignant rationale. The objective behind a live-in is very simple. Two people just WANT to live together. Why do we need to have questions in our mind when the people involved do so happily and without guilt. When will we wake up to the dictum. ‘Live and let live’.

There is no legal necessity for a live-in arrangement and it’s rather a good way to find out if two people are compatible and want to live with each other with a legal bonding, marriage. A marriage is great if it’s happy but what happens when two people are bonded in a legal prospect which is severely sorrowful? Then comes the ordeal to manage the occurrence of divorce. That can be mentally exhausting and miserable for both people.

As parents, one can ONLY ensure to give our offspring’s a very steady upbringing with the right edification. The generation gap that used to be between parents and kids yesteryears do not exist anymore and it’s in the best interest of both that the relationship and proximity be kept close so that the child enlightens the parents about his / her plans and deeds so that the matter can be discussed to a impartial conclusion.

The hue and cry over a ‘live-in’ relationship according to me is overstated and magnified. It can be a wrong decision sometimes, but it can also be right! So we should not be judgmental and try our best to be unbiased and indifferent till we are asked for help or opinion. Lastly, a live-in relation is not a crime or a detrimental act that it needs any legalization. It is for two adults, independent and mentally stable to decide if what they are doing is right or wrong and if they are willing to shoulder the responsibility.

12.31 am
16th February, 2009